Full Body Sanitizer Spray Chamber

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According to DRDO it is a walk through enclosure which would allow one person at a time to walk through for being decontaminated and it has a portable system which is equipped with sanitiser and soap dispenser. Meant for the defence personnel, this will start using a foot pedal at the entry, and electrically operated pumps will create a disinfectant mist of hypo sodium chloride.

The mist spray is set to operate for 25 seconds and stops automatically on completion of the process. Through the spraying of the disinfectant, the personnel will be expected to keep his eyes closed.

It comes with a roof mounted and bottom tanks and has a capacity of 700 litres and around 650 personnel can walk through before the next refill.

The chamber has see through glass for monitoring and has lights fitted for night time checks. And according to DRDO there is a separate cabin for the operator to monitor the operations.

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  • The system is designed within a short span of days with indigenous materials easily available in the market.
  • The shape of the chamber is like a walking tunnel, with length and height of 7 feet x 4 feet for easy movement and at the same time complete effectiveness (no wastage) of the mist of sanitizing solution.
  • 12 volts DC battery is used to supply the current to the pump for transferring the sanitizing solution from the tank to the spray.
  • The system is equipped with soap solution and sanitizer and when triggered, it creates a mist of sanitizing solution to sanitize the personnel.